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  1. Mindy McAdams
    Nov 14, 2010 @ 02:19:45

    1. Close-up of library security officer: A decent shot, but using flash is not preferred.

    2. The student recording for the radio is also decent and acceptable, but because of the flash, it looks harsh, or stark.

    3. The unidentified student is not a good use of lines, because they are just in the middle — it is not an interesting composition. See, for example:

    Colonnade Building

    4. The group shot is again harshly lighted, because of the flash. The composition is haphazard, and the background is “busy” (cluttered).

    5. Lisa has a very natural expression, but if this is your “angle of view” example, it is not really a very interesting angle. See, for example:

    Young monk reading

    I had to position my camera down very low, almost on the ground, to get this angle. It makes quite a different shot from one taken high above the boy’s head.

    Because you used this slideshow (instead of embedding each photo in your blog, as I requested), I can’t evaluate these criteria from the assignment:

    • The photos have been cropped, toned and resized according to the instructions in Module 3B.
    • Each photo has a proper caption below it, in the blog post.


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