Experiencing Tweeting with Others

Twitting is an exciting experience. To the extent that it is a real time chart one is able to engage not only with the individuals one is in conversation with but to follow the threads of thought that may come from other sources. These threads of thought could inform the conversation that is ongoing. During my conversation I was, at the same time, following CNN, BBC and of course the football conversation around two EPL Teams, Liverpool and Arsenal. (For those behind news Liverpool beat Chelsea last weekend and Arsenal lost to Newcastle).
Probably the most frustrating part was my inability to actually engage in live conversation at the same speed and pace as others. Previously I had sent an occasional tweet and did not often wait to see it posted. But this time I needed to engage in the conversation and it was frustrating to have time lapse between the conversation – in a sense I felt like I lost the thread of the conversation.
Setting up the tweet and other details was not hard, however, selecting the threads to follow open a wide choice that was slightly confusing. On any given topic there are myriad individuals who are offering opinion. For a rookie it is hard to make a decision as to who to follow, who would have substantive content to share on the tweet. So for the beginning it was simply a matter of guess week. That is why I stayed with the traditional trusted news brands, BBC, CNN and even on football I stayed with the official sites because I think they would most probably be authentic. So overall that was an interesting experience.
Previously I have used tweets for teaching news reporting. I found it particularly useful in writing leads. When students are instructed to limit their leads to a certain number of characters some do not adhere to the limit. But tweeting forces them to do so, so they have to have sharper leads. In spite of the challenges that I faced in today’s experience I still think I gained some ideas that would be applicable in my j-classes.


Experiences Shooting a Documentary Project

Marceline, Martin and Wanjiru have had an eye opening experience shooting a documentary. It is the first they have done together, and has provided them with the opportunity to consider where their training is leading them. Here is the story as Marceline tells it: Experiences of Students on a docu shoot

Images in a Day

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